Unipept 2.0

posted on 2013-10-28

Unipept 2.0 includes these major updates: Check the release notes for a full list of changes.

Unipept 2.0 changelog

posted on 2013-10-28

Unipept 2.0 includes these updates:
The Unique Peptide Finder
GO and EC cross references to database
Search settings to the batch run script
A timeout before filtering the tree on the multi result page
Invalidation "metagenome" NCBI taxa
Tweaked the lineage invalidation
Code spring cleaning and rewrite of backend scripts
Switch from JS animations to CSS animations where possible
A bug when attempting to load a pride dataset without entering an id
A bug where only 1 number was shown in the tree on the multi result page
A bug where the sizes of the slices in the sunburst were not correct
A bug where downloading results from results page didn't behave as expected
Uniprot to 2013.04
Bootstrap to 2.3.1
Rails to 3.2.13
D3.js to 3.3.8
html2canvas to 2013.04

Unipept 1.5

posted on 2013-03-15

New features in this release:
  • Added support for PRIDE datasets
  • Multi-peptide results can now be downloaded from the results page

Unipept 1.4

posted on 2012-10-11

Some major features in this release:
  • Added tryptic peptides with length between 5 and 8 to the database
  • Added support for missed cleavages
update 1.4.1: fixed an issue where not filtering duplicate peptides didn't work.
update 1.4.2: added references to the J. Proteome Res. article.
update 1.4.3: security update.

Unipept 1.3

posted on 2012-08-27

Some important new features in this release:
  • Switched to twitter bootstrap for the user interface
  • Added full screen visualisations for supported browsers
  • Visualisations can now be saved as images
  • Updated to UniProt release 2012_07

Unipept 1.2

posted on 2012-07-09

The focus of Unipept version 1.2 was on performance improvements. This results in massive improvements in page load time due to optimized queries and faster JSON generation.
update 1.2.1: fixed an issue where the checkbox of single peptide analysis didn't work.

Unipept 1.1

posted on 2012-06-18

Unipept version 1.1 is now available. Notable new features are:
  • new website design
  • this news box
  • performance improvement of the sunburst visualization in Firefox