Unipept is an open source web application developed at Ghent University that is designed for metaproteomics data analysis with a focus on interactive datavisualizations. Unipept is powered by an index containing all UniProt entries, a tweaked version of the NCBI taxonomy and a custom lowest common ancestor algorithm. This combination enables a blazingly fast biodiversity analysis of large and complex metaproteome samples. This functionality is also available via an API and a set of command line tools. Next to these core functions, Unipept also has a tool for selecting unique peptides for targeted proteomics and for comparing genomes based on peptide similarity.

Unipept 3.2

posted on 2017-08-22

Unipept 3.2 includes these major updates:
  • https and rails 5 support
  • an updated database based on UniProt 2017.05
update 3.2.1: update to UniProt 2017.07
Check the release notes for a full list of changes.